Silverstein Frontman Reveals Surprise Solo Project River Oaks

Without much mention of anything like this coming (except for a slight peep on his podcast the Lead Singer Syndrome), Silverstein frontman Shane Told has just revealed his brand new solo project, River Oaks. 

“This project has been a long time in the making,” Told explained in a recent press release. “For 15 years I have been the singer, a songwriter and occasional guitar player for Silverstein. I have loved every minute as a lead singer, but I wanted to do something on the side all by myself.”

For those chomping at the bits to hear the longtime vocalist’s new music, you’re in luck as Told has decided to coincide his surprise announcement with the release of his first-ever, three-track, solo 7" EP.    

“I wrote and played all the parts on these songs, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and even drums. I poured every ounce of my heart and soul into these songs. This 7” EP is just the start. Where the project grows from here will be a forthcoming journey I am extremely excited about.“

To pick up a copy of the self-tilted release, head here. Afterwards, check out River Oaks music video for “Let You Down” below.