Shane Told Talks Silverstein, Podcasting and New Solo Project In Recent Interview

This Saturday on idobi Radio, we’re very excited to announce we’ll be airing our exclusive interview with Silverstein frontman Shane Told.

Speaking with Shane about his newfound solo project River Oaks, the vocalist gave us some insight on how everything came together over the past few years.   

“Yeah, I’ve been working on [the new project] forever man. I mean basically ever since Silverstein, you know, started. And like, Silverstein started as a side-project originally. I was playing guitar and singing in punk band back then and as Silverstein got more and more popular, and I realized that [my] other band was going to have to take a major backseat and end up just not existing anymore, I started to really miss playing guitar.” 

Shane continued to add, “Guitar was like my first love and I was only a singer by default [because] none of my other friends could carry a tune. So, they were like, ‘Shane, you’re just gonna have to sing’ and that’s how I became a lead singer. I always missed playing guitar [though], and I would write Silverstein songs on guitar, [yet] there were always songs and parts and stuff that I thought wouldn’t work for Silverstein but I still wanted the world to hear.”       

To check out the full interview discussing Shane’s recently launched Lead Singer Syndrome podcast, Silverstein’s current tour with Being As An Ocean as well as, of course, River Oaks, tune into from 4-5pm PST // 7-8pm EST this Saturday.

Until then, check out Silverstein’s in-depth tour documentary for their 10-year anniversary of Discovering The Waterfront below.