Silent Planet Detail New Album, Premiere Hard-Hitting Single “Share The Body”

Well everybody, the day is finally here. After slowly rolling out new music and dropping tidbits here and there about their new album, Silent Planet has finally unveiled what fans have been waiting to hear – when the new record will officially come out. 

Titled as When The End Began, Silent Planet’s highly anticipated follow up to 2016′s Everything Was Sound will officially hit stores November 2nd via Solid State Records and UNFD.

Speaking about the new record, the band shared, “We want to connect and grow. These songs are our way of giving back to so many of those who have given to us. On tour, we’ve met people isolated by bigotry, marred by addiction, scarred by loss - these songs are for them and anyone else grappling with these situations. Hope doesn’t have to be an abstract concept. It can be an embodied reality.”

As if news about a new Will Putney-produced Silent Planet album wasn’t exciting enough, the band has also dropped a brand new single titled “Share The Body” which vocalist Garrett Russell wrote about opioid addiction.   

“‘Share The Body‘ explores the brutal opioid epidemic that is ravaging communities around the world,” he explained. “Approaching addiction from the inside-out, our song and video attempts to follow the genesis of addiction (pharmaceutical) all the way to narcotics and subsequent overdose. Many of the lyrics and themes stem from conversations we’ve had at shows and online with our listeners. It’s our hope that this track starts difficult conversations and inspires some who are struggling with addiction to open up and seek help.”

To check out the band’s eye-opening new visual for “Share The Body,” be sure to see below. To pre-order When The End Began, head here.

Track List:

01 – “Thus Spoke”
02 – “The New Eternity”
03 – “Northern Fires (Guernica)”
04 – “Afterdusk”
05 – “Visible Unseen”
06 – “Look Outside: Dream”
07 – “Vanity Of Sleep”
08 – “In Absence”
09 – “Share The Body”
10 – “Firstborn (Ya’aburnee)”
11 – “Lower Empire”
12 – “Look Inside: Awake”
13 – “The Anatomy Of Time (Babel)”
14 – “Depths III“