See Safe To Say Take A Trip Back To High School In New “Tangerine” Music Video

In support of their summer breakthrough album Down In The Dark, Canadian alt-emo outfit Safe To Say has just released a brand new music video for their calming, Brand New-like track “Tangerine.”

Reminiscing back to their days in high school (or secondary school), the new clip follows a crew of students as they prepare for their school dance and get into the typical high school (secondary school) shenanigans – you know, like talking to crushes, smoking cigarettes and drinking too much schnapps.

When asked about the idea behind the video, Safe To Say vocalist Brad Garcia weighed in saying:         

Cory and I were up late one night before we left for tour this past summer and started talking about how we couldn’t not do a video for ‘Tangerine.’ A big part of bringing Down In The Dark to life was SideOneDummy giving us, as a band, as much creative freedom and control as we wanted. With this video, we wanted to do the same. 

Our friend Wyatt Clough and myself went back and forth for a week about how to make sure we got exactly what we were going for. ‘Tangerine’ is about reaching that final point of adolescence, the transition into adulthood. We tried our best to show the nitty gritty parts of high school while still making something fun that you’d want to watch again. Whether that’s a fight in the parking lot, drinking too much peach schnapps, or being negligent behind the wheel, we tried to fit as much as we could in four minutes. And I guess it goes without saying, when else would we have a good enough reason to wear blue suits and bow ties?

To check out the band’s new brilliantly shot music video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to pick up a copy of Down In The Dark, you can do so here.  

[via Mass Appeal]