Hear Safe To Say Vocalist Brad Garcia Talk Warped Tour, ‘Down In The Dark’ and Touring The US in New Idobi Radio Interview


Saturday on idobi Radio, we’re excited to announce we’ll be airing our exclusive interview with Safe To Say singer/guitarist Brad Garcia.  

Talking with the young vocalist about Safe To Say’s forthcoming album Down In The Dark and how it compares to his band’s previous work musically, Garcia revealed that this recent release, while being a little different from what they’ve done prior, presents a much-needed change.    

“Something Cory [Bergeron, guitarist] mentioned when we were recording – and this was like super late at night one night we were kind of like giggling amongst ourselves listening back to some songs thinking this is so not like us – but he said, ‘If you were in your mid-thirties, would you still be able to play this song without it looking ridiculous?’ And, not to say this album will stand the test of time by any means, but it’s something that I would be comfortable still playing years from now. And, I think if we were still doing the pop-punk thing, I couldn’t be an older guy jumping around on stage singing about whatever I use to sing about.” 

Garcia continued to summarize his point saying, “If success is being measured by how long I can be happy with what we’re doing, I think the new album is definitely on the right track.”         

To check out the full interview discussing the band’s first-ever Warped Tour experience as well as what it’s been like for the Canadian outfit to travel through the states as of late, be sure to tune into idobi.com/radio from 4-5pm PST // 7-8pm EST this Saturday.

Until then, make sure to check out Safe To Say’s latest music video for “Only Rain” and pre-order a copy of Down In The Dark before it hits stores July 22.

UPDATE: If you missed out on our interview with Brad, hear it in full below.