Rozwell Kid Just Released A 10-Hour Long Music Video Because They’re Rozwell Kid, That’s Why


Just when you thought Rozwell Kid couldn’t get even more Rozwell Kid after sharing their taco-friendly (and very Rozwell Kid) lyric video for “UHF on DVD,” the spunky West Virgina four-piece has just dropped the ultimate Rozwell Kid music video.

Weighing in at, oh, 10 hours long, the SideOneDummy signees have really outdone themselves with their new clip for “Wendy’s Trash Can.” Shot in a bizarre multi-dimensional setting, the new visual follows the band as they chase after the person they just struck with their van – trust us, it’s way more wild than that. 

To pretty much spend your entire day with Rozwell Kid as you watch them teleport through zany locations like an airport hanger or Coca-Cola covered ally, be sure to check out their new music video below. Afterwards, pre-orders for their forthcoming album Precious Art can be found here.     

[via Nerdist]