Prepare To Fall In Love With Circa Survive’s Charming New Short Film For “Flesh And Bone”

Gearing up for the release of their upcoming deluxe edition of The Amulet, Circa Survive has teamed up with South African filmmaker Sibs Shongwe-La Mer for a beautiful new short film for their track “Flesh And Bone.”

“‘Flesh And Bone‘ is about the evolution of a relationship,” says vocalist Anthony Green. “How what starts out in love often turns into a furious battle for identity. I’m so honored that Sibs has brought his vision to it and gave it texture and depth beyond what I’m at liberty to reveal about its meaning to me.”

As for what acclaimed screenwriter Shongwe-La Mer had to say about the visual, which stars him and his partner Jenna Hiscock, he said in an essay for Talk House:   

“I reached out to Circa Survive and quickly started rapping and relating with Anthony Green as we began to realize that, although worlds apart, we suffered and survived the same firing squads. When the band asked if I wanted to work on a video for their new record The Amulet while I was back home in Africa visiting family, I felt that fate had gifted me the rare opportunity to close [off] a painful history and pay tribute to the simple victories of “now” with the people I love.

Supported by my incredible partner Jenna Hiscock and my best friend and cinematographer Chuanne Blofield, we impulsively hired an RV over the weekend of my 27th birthday and spent a week together, lost in the mountains, cooking on cliff sides, and filming this soft, intimate video. Don’t wanna say too much about the video outside of what it means to me, so I’ll end with this:

I’ve come to learn that, although completely fucked up and filled with waves of seemingly unsurvivable pain, life is love and all we really can do is keep trying, keep seeking and giving of ourselves with complete abandon no matter how little we feel we have left. I feel super grateful to be alive today and to share this little part of myself with you and Circa Survive, and I hope somewhere in this essay/ramble/confessional is an applicable truth or a flash of something real.”

To check out Circa Survive and Shongwe-La Mer’s moving new visual, be sure to look below. Afterward, to pre-order the deluxe version of The Amulet and grab tickets to see Circa Survive out on tour with La Dispute and Queen of Jeans, head here.