Hear Anthony Green, Adam Lazarra & John Nolan Team Up For New Fuckin Whatever Song “I’m Waiting On You”

As we’ve pointed out before, this never-ending quarantine has allowed a lot of artists the opportunity to team up and pursue unique creative endeavors together. 

No stranger to this recent phenomenon (see his Chipmunks cover with Tilian Pearson) or even supergroups for that matter (uhh Sounds Of Animals Fighting, duh), Anthony Green has been a lightening rod for making magic with his equally-as-talented friends. 

Now stuck at home for nearly a year, it should be no surprise that Green has yet again helped construct another new and exciting project.

Initially started for fun back at 2016′s Taste Of Chaos tour, Green and longtime pals Adam Lazzara and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday – plus Grouplove’s Benjamin Homola (formerly of Dashboard Confessional) – have decided to make their band Fuckin Whatever more official.  

Debuting mysteriously back in February with their lead track “Trash,” the group has returned with their stunning second single “I’m Waiting On You.”

As you can imagine, not only is it magical to have three epic voices all on the same track, but as Lazzara notes, there actually aren’t any instruments played on the song either. 

“It’s pretty much 80% mouth noises and 20% Ben slapping things around the house,” he explains.

To check out the spiritual new song taken from the band’s five-track self-titled EP, be sure to see below. To purchase the track, with 30% of all digital sales going to support NIVA, head here.