Periphery Stream 'Juggernaut: Alpha' One Week Early

With another week to go until Periphery’s dual albums Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega hit stores, the progressive hard-rockers have decided to grant fans a full glimpse into one of the upcoming records.

First premiering over at Loudwire, Periphery’s Juggernaut: Alpha is now up on YouTube for fans to check out for free. Featuring previously released tracks “The Scourge,” “Alpha" and "22 Faces,” Juggernaut: Alpha also includes possibly one of the heaviest songs we’ve heard from Periphery titled, “MK Ultra.”

To hear the album for yourself, be sure to check below. Also, if you don’t have tickets to see Periphery on their headlining Juggernaut Tour featuring Nothing More, Wovenwar and Thank You Scientist, head here.