Periphery Reveal ‘Juggernaut’ Album Info


After hearing the exciting news of a new album (as well as a headlining tour with Nothing More, Wovenwar and Thank You Scientist), Periphery fans have been anxiously waiting for a glimpse into what the band’s first-ever double album Juggernaut will be like. 

Well thankfully, the band leaked info today regarding the new record’s artwork and track listing. To see the seventeen song titles as well as the new artwork, be sure to check below. Also, if you don’t have tickets to see Periphery on their upcoming tour, you can pick those up here.  


"Juggernaut: Alpha" track listing:

01. A Black Minute (4:16) 
02. MK Ultra (2:50) 
03. Heavy Heart (4:22)
04. The Event (1:45) 
05. The Scourge (5:36) 
06. Alpha (5:31) 
07. 22 Faces (3:52) 
08. Rainbow Gravity (4:39)
09. Four Lights (2:18)
10. Psychosphere (6:16)


"Juggernaut: Omega" track listing:

01. Reprise (1:25)
02. The Bad Thing (5:54)
03. Priestess (5:04)
04. Graveless (3:56)
05. Hell Below (3:43)
06. Omega (11:44)
07. Stranger Things (7:35)