Periphery Release Third New 'Juggernaut' Single "22 Faces"


We’re not sure if it’s because of the holiday season or just because they’re that excited for the new album, but Periphery has been pretty giving lately releasing a bunch of new material off their upcoming double album, Juggernaut - which isn’t available until January 27.

First it was the cinematic djent jam ”The Scourge" back in late November. Then, a couple weeks back, they released the down-tuned face-melting track, ”The Bad Thing.” And now, the progressive hard rockers have returned with the release of the shred-tastic tune, “22 Faces.”

When asked about the new single, frontman Spencer Sotelo told Rolling Stone - who originally premiered “22 Faces” - that this track is one he is especially proud of. “One minute it is ambient and pretty, and the next minute it is assaulting you from every which way. This track also goes right to the heart of the Juggernaut story and gives a good look at some of the conflicts that the main character has to endure.”

After you’re done checking out the video below, make sure to get your pre-order of Juggernaut taken care of by heading here. Then, be sure to pick up a pair of tickets to see Periphery, Nothing More, Wovenwar and Thank You Scientist on their upcoming nationwide tour.