Open The Pits Up And Jam I Prevail’s Ruthless New Single “Come And Get It”

Well, damn. As if you weren’t already counting down the days until I Prevail’s debut album Lifelines hits stores (that would be 21 days for those not counting), the young post-hardcore outfit just dropped their heaviest track yet titled “Come And Get It.” 

Dedicated to “all the shit talkers,” I Prevail’s latest single calls out anybody who’s ever bad mouthed the band singing lyrics like, “Every single time I turn around, my name is in your mouth, soon you’ll see, you can say what you want, you’ll never be me” and “Deep down I love it when you hate me,
keep it up it’s funny that you can’t see this is everything you wanted to be.” 

While the band’s sudden burst onto the scene has been scrutinized by some, we have a strong feeling nobody’s going to be hating on the Detroit outfit following the release of Lifelines which you can pre-order here.