One Word Album Review: The Amity Affliction - ‘Misery’


Aw yes, the album review: A 300-500 word write-up explaining all the eccentricities pretentious wordsmiths love and hate about a band’s new album. While most reviews tend to hover the line between a positive and negative analysis, we’ve found that some seem to deviate from the pack choosing to spend their time putting an artist down for months of hard work.

We, on the other hand, would rather give the power back to the artist by letting them take a stab at reviewing (or simply explaining) their new music. And in order to make that process as easy (and fun) as possible, we’ve decided to give the artists one word and one word only to describe each song off their new release – thus creating the One Word Album Review.

Featured on today’s OWAR is The Amity Affliction’s risky-yet-refreshing LP Misery. Stepping outside their comfort zone as well as the confines of the sometimes generic “metalcore scene,” the Australian act has really outdone themselves this time providing twelve adventurous and experimental tracks that should absolutely hit you square your dark dead heart.     

Now before we turn this too much into our own review, we’re going to pass things over to bassist/vocalist Ahren Stringer as he carefully chose twelve words to describe each of his band’s new tracks. To check out what Ahren had to say, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to not only pre-order a copy of Misery before it hits stores Friday but also check out our interview with Ahren and co-vocalist Joel Birch here.

01) Ivy (Doomsday)

One Word Song Description: Rock

02) Feels Like I’m Dying

One Word Song Description: *synth sound* diddle-y diddle-do 

(ed note: listen to the song, you’ll know what he means. And so what if it’s not one word, we’re pretty sure those aren’t even words to begin with anyway)  

03) Holier Than Heaven

One Word Song Description: Heavy

04) Burn Alive

One Word Song Description: Pop

05) Misery

One Word Song Description: Electronic   

06) Kick Rocks

One Word Song Description: Cage

07) Black Cloud

One Word Song Description: Breakdown

08) D.I.E.

One Word Song Description: Hit

09) Drag The Lake

One Word Song Description: Emo

10) Beltsville Blues

One Word Song Description: Joel-Singing  

11) Set Me Free

One Word Song Description: Country 

12) The Gifthorse

One Word Song Description: Sad