Noiseworthy: Here’s Why POORSTACY Is a Rockstar For The SoundCloud Generation

South Florida-born artist POORSTACY is a rockstar for the Soundcloud generation. After his breakthrough hit “make up” gained him a major following on the free streaming service in 2019, POORSTACY became a force to be reckoned with in emo rap. But just as he was gaining popularity in the subgenre, the fearless young artist returned with a shocking new sound in his latest single “Choose Life.”

An unapologetically punk offering, POORSTACY’s “Choose Life” was written alongside friend and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and shows the writer returning to his South Florida roots. Although the area is known for producing some of SoundCloud rap’s greatest stars, POORSTACY grew up playing small club shows with his band and living among its metal scene. “There’s lots of punk rock, gothic stuff,” he says. “I’ve chosen to actually start making music based on what I grew up around.”

While there were hints of his new direction scattered throughout his debut album – the eclectic, 13-track record The Breakfast Club – with songs like “Hotel” and “Afraid,” “Choose Life” shows POORSTACY as his most authentic self. Written as a reference to the UK cult classic Trainspotting, “Choose Life” feels energetic and optimistic but maintains grittiness throughout.

A common thread across his work, POORSTACY often alludes to his favorite pop culture icons to communicate his feelings. Emotive and raw, he cites films like V for Vendetta, Trainspotting, and Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween as some of his favorite lyrical references. Even his name pays homage to the legendary Z-Boys skater Stacy Peralta, a childhood hero of his. For POORSTACY, his music is built on bits and pieces of the world around him – however disparate they may be.

The Noise got to talk with the creative young rocker to hear all about his greatest inspirations, his upbringing, and his best live show experience.


Where did you grow up? And was there a music scene where you grew up?

POORSTACY: I grew up in South Florida and there was a ton of influence from the metalcore scene to the huge Miami underground scene. I’ve been performing since I was very young. Like there’s videos of me performing when I was about 13 years old out doing shows. It really inspired me to take music seriously.

What were you doing before you started releasing music as POORSTACY? Jobs? School? Other careers?

I worked a few jobs, but I’m a dropout… I left school after 9th grade to figure myself out while facing charges for mistakes I made.

Who or what influenced you to start playing music?

Everything inspired me to make music, but overall, there was just always music around me. My father played multiple instruments and I guess curiosity got the best of me. He ended up teaching me how to play when I was young. Honestly, Guitar Hero also made me want to indulge in rock music and guitar playing at a young age.

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choice who would it be?

I definitely would want to collaborate with Corey Taylor from Slipknot. He is breathtaking.

What’s the best live performance you’ve seen?

The underground raves at Club Cinema that I saw in my youth were definitely the best live experiences I’ve had.

Are there any recent releases or performances that have inspired you?

Not many to be honest. Not much has stuck out to me recently because now we are in quarantine. Performances are best live. But overall, XXXTENTACION has definitely been a huge inspiration to me performance-wise and releases from artists like Billy Idol, Sisters of Mercy, The Kooks, The Strokes are also important to me. There’s so much inspiration from those artists.

If you could have one of your songs on a TV show or movie of your choice, what would it be?

An intro to any anime.

Three bands or artists that would be your dream to tour with?

The first that come to mind are Arctic Monkeys, Slipknot, and The Skegss.

What would you like to be remembered for? Musically or not.

I just want to be remembered for being myself and for just loving and living in the moment. Life comes to an end physically for everybody so I try to live by those ideas.

Best piece of advice anyone has given you?

Nothing matters.

What have you learned since being in the music industry?

From being in the music industry and releasing music, I’ve found that ideas create your reality.