Noise Exclusive: Watch Katastro Channel Their Inner Sublime & Grateful Dead With New “Scarlet Begonias” Cover

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, is there anything more “summer” than hangin’ poolside with friends listening to nothing but reggae music? 

Thankfully, to help keep the summer senses alive despite all the ongoing struggles our country currently faces, there has been a solid amount of chilled-out reggae music released this year.

For example, look at Arizona act Katastro. Just last week, the emerging outfit treated fans to an epic, laid-back rendition of the Grateful Dead/Sublime classic “Scarlet Begonias.”

Now, to keep the good vibes flowin’, the talented four-piece has teamed up with The Noise to premiere their brand new music video for their modern take on the summertime staple.

In addition to the easygoing clip for “Scarlet Begonias,” we also asked bassist Ryan Weddle the difficult task of listing his five favorite Sublime tracks – you know, just in case you needed an extra dose of Bradley Nowell and Co. today.

To check out what Weddle picked after watching the band’s mellow new video, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from Katastro, head here.

01) “What I Got" 

Ryan Weddle: “What I Got” was the first Sublime track I ever heard. It immediately became a staple for hitting the skatepark in my early teens.

02) “April 29, 1992 (Miami)”

This song is just gritty and I love the darker hip-hop vibe to it. Bradley’s story telling was next level and this song just drops you off in the middle of a riot. It’s still such a relevant topic with everything going on right now. 

03) "Let’s Go Get Stoned" 

There are at least three big drops, loud sudden sample placements and so much reverb on the vocals it’s drowning but it is all just right. I find something brand new in it every time. Let’s go get stoned.

04) "Waiting For My Ruca” 

I was immediately drawn to how minimal this song is and the almost too low to hear 808s. Another one that was constantly on rotation at our old house parties.

05) “Scarlet Begonias" 

Grateful Dead did it first but Sublime really made this their own. The rap [part] is one of my favorite verses of all time and it just felt right to cover it and try to bring out some of our sound in there.