Noise Exclusive: Watch Kaonashi’s New “Coffee & Conversation” Video And Learn More About Their Upcoming LP


As you are all very well aware there has been a lot of bad news to come out of 2020. We don’t need to remind you of it all. You know. We know. 2020 knows.  

Hoping to provide a little light in so much darkness, today we’re excited to premiere Kaonashi’s new music video for their Why Did You Do It? track “Coffee & Conversation.”  

Serving as the prequel to their intense “5 Year Plan” video, “Coffee & Conversation” helps set the stage for the video’s main characters Jamie, Casey, and Morgan.  

“‘Coffee & Conversation’ is basically a love song,” explains the band. “So we wanted the video to represent the relationship issues within the story. If you pay attention in the video, it can connect some dots for you in our story.”

To check out the new music video plus some insight into what the band has in store for their debut full-length album (due out later this year on Equal Vision Records), be sure to see below. Afterward, for more from the Philly self-proclaimed “emo mathcore” act, head here

The video for “Coffee & Conversation” serves as the last piece for content for your EP Why Did You Do It. When you look back on that release, what feelings come to mind?

KAONASHI: Extreme gratitude, pride, and success. WDYDI took us to a lot of new places and got us signed to a label we always wished to be a part of. But it was a huge learning experience too. Releasing it was technically kind of rocky, but we didn’t really care about the numbers or anything. We just wanted to put the music out, play our shows and just push through the tough obstacles.

As for the “Coffee & Conversation” video, there’s a lot of interesting things going on with the story. Do you mind explaining the video a little?

This video is a prequel to the music video we had put out for “5 Year Plan” a while back. It sets the stage and shines a light on the dynamic between Jamie, Casey, and Morgan; our characters in our story. “Coffee & Conversation” is basically a love song, so we wanted the video to represent the relationship issues within the story. If you pay attention in the video, it can connect some dots for you in our story.

With everything going on in the world, there is some semblance some positivity as Kaonashi is preparing to drop a new full-length album sometime this year. How do you look at potentially releasing a new album in the midst of a global pandemic?

We’re all pretty cool with the idea. I think now is a good time for people to dig into something and escape reality. We all need a release and a getaway, some new music could be good. It has made things difficult since we live far apart, but we’ve got some ideas cooking and ways to make it interactive for anyone who wants to get involved.  

As for the album itself, what can you tell us about it personally without giving too much away? Can fans expect anything new or different in terms of the music?

Same old Jamie. Same old Casey. Brand New Kaonashi.

The album Why Did You Do It? follows a series of tragedies inside Jamie’s head, and our next album will tell the story of what really happened to Jamie. Throughout our last album, you are introduced to a series of characters such as Jamie’s love interest Casey, the bully Morgan, and the counselor at Lemon House High. The new album explores the actual incidents in Jamie’s life almost from an outside perspective. It introduces new characters, problems, and the depressive thoughts of Jamie B. Moore. I think the new record lays out a map for the events that occurred at Lemon House High.

FFO: Lady Radiator, Feeding The Foxes, Liferuiner

What was the biggest motivating influence or inspiration behind the new album?

Everyday tragedies.
Being forgotten.
Getting left behind.
Going through the motions without making a sound.
Being the underdog.