Noise Exclusive: The Word Alive’s Telle Smith Bares His Soul With New Solo Single "Too Hard On Myself"


Have you ever wondered why certain sad songs make us so happy? Or how about why, at times, we are so critical of ourselves? 

Well so has The Word Alive frontman Telle Smith. So much so, the outgoing frontman has decided to write a brand new solo song about the two thought-provoking concepts.

Aptly titled “Too Hard On Myself” and paired with a moody backing track, Smith’s new single tackles subject matter personal to all of us out there.     

“I think we all have had that feeling of being too hard on ourselves,” Smith says. “Our minds often gravitate towards self-doubt and doubting other’s ability to see you for who you really are, underneath the baggage we all carry.”

The inquisitive vocalist adds, “I posted a tweet in September that said ‘why do sad songs make me so happy?’ and I quickly realized so many of you felt the same. So I went into the studio and wrote this song last month with my boy Matt Keller. I said, ‘I have the chorus written already and I want a sad progression that feels hopeful.’ He played around on the piano until we found the perfect progression and the song came to life so quickly. It felt like magic.”

“I love the lyrics, I love the beat and I think this is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” he concludes. “It is a direct insight into how I have felt so many times in my life, so if it connects with you, I hope you’ll share it with the world. 

To check out Telle’s second new solo single, following the vibe-heavy “Crazy,” be sure to look below.