Noise Exclusive: See Austrian Newcomers Jeremy Pascal Explore New School Emo With “Poser”


If you’ve been paying close attention lately, you’ve probably caught on to the new brand of emo music emerging in the scene. 

No, not emo like American Football or emo like the days of MySpace. Instead, there’s a younger generation of artists breaking out of the SoundCloud world combining a multitude of influences from rock and pop-punk to hip-hop and trap.

One of those artists is up-and-coming Austrian act Jeremy Pascal. 

Not to be confused as one individual, Jeremy Pascal is the alter ego of friends Tino, Julian, and Nico. Working together to create game-changing music that’s both relatable and raw, the Vienna-based band has every reason to be the next breakout “emo” group.

Proving just that while also giving their input on what it means to be emo in 2020, the band is teaming up with The Noise to debut their brand new performance video for “Poser.”

“‘Poser’ is a cynical twist on the whole new school emo movement as we acknowledge how little it matters that we miss our exes or don’t wanna grow up,” explains frontman Tino Romana. “The entire scene dwells in self pity because it is trendy again to be irresponsible.” 

Romana adds, “The hook of the song acknowledges that we need fucked up romantic love stories that don’t lead to anything. Then in the verses we proclaim that ‘nobody cares, it happens to everyone’ as we fully admit that we aren’t special for feeling this way.” 

For a live look at Jeremy Pascal and their passionate new track “Poser,” be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to check out their debut EP Jeremy’s Life here.