Noise Exclusive: Say Goodbye To PVMNTS and Hello To Its Next Exciting Chapter GRAVESEND


All photos by: Lizzy Gonzales

When up-and-coming pop-punk outfit PVMNTS lost two of its three members earlier this year, the future looked bleak for what was such a young and promising act. 

Fast forward nearly six months later and the sole remaining member Wilfredo Alexis Ramirez is looking to land on his feet with a fresh new start. 

Renaming his Los Angeles-based band as GRAVESEND, Ramirez is looking to keep the spirit of PVMNTS alive while also looking ahead at what’s in store next. 

“GRAVESEND is the continuation of a chapter I refuse to close,” explains Ramirez. “It means that I can continue to express myself and my experiences with others. This, to me, is what it’s all about.”

Looking to reveal this new era of the band in the best way possible, today Ramirez is teaming up with The Noise to premiere his brand new single “Lights.”

Detailing the passionate new track, the talented multi-instrumentalist said, “‘Lights’ is a track that reminds me how far I’ve come this past year. From playing sold out shows in foreign countries, to meeting some very special people that live across the damn ocean, you never know what can happen and what can blossom in this crazy world we live in.”

To check out GRAVESEND’s debut single as well as our interview with Ramirez discussing the past, present and future of PVMNTS/GRAVESEND, be sure to look below. 

After Tyler and Nick left PVMNTS, how quickly did you know you wanted to start GRAVESEND?

Wilfredo Alexis Ramirez: GRAVESEND is simply a continuation of PVMNTS. So to me, this is just a new chapter. At first, I was planning to continue using the same name but decided against it. I wanted something that I could stand behind; something that felt true and honest to myself.


How did your time in PVMNTS impact this new project musically and/or lyrically?

It gave me so much to talk about. So much to work off of. It shaped me into the musician and performer that I am today. Now, since I am currently the only member of GRAVESEND, I get to really build myself as a multi-instrumentalist by writing and recording everything myself. I’ll still have a live band with me though!

How would you describe GRAVESEND to someone who has never heard them before?

I would say GRAVESEND is like a perfectly ripened avocado that melts into your perfectly toasted slice of wheat bread on a Sunday morning.


Who or what influenced you to write your debut single “Lights”?

“Lights” is about living worlds apart from someone who unexpectedly became an important person in your life. Wow, never noticed how cheesy that sounded [laughs]! It’s alright though, this girl changed my life. Thanks for being my muse, Jess!

Would you say “Lights” is a good example of any future music from GRAVESEND?

Definitely. I can’t wait to show you all what’s in store next!

What are your goals for GRAVESEND and what can people expect from you guys soon?

I can say something generic like I want to tour, make music that’ll last forever or change the world or something. Trust me, I do. But I want people to know one thing: I want them to know that it’s never about what you are, it’s what you can be. This, to me, is the main goal for GRAVESEND. Expect more music, more announcements, more GRAVESEND.