Noise Exclusive: Hear Waxflower Focus On “Getting Better” With Somber New Single


There’s no doubt at some point 2020 has had you feeling down in the dumps. No shame in admitting it. This year has been extremely challenging, to say the least. 

Nevertheless, in order to move past the lows and appreciate the highs, it’s important to take time to acknowledge your pain and better understand the situation. 

Taking this to heart for their latest stripped-down single “Getting Better,” Australian pop-punk outfit Waxflower, specifically frontman Tristan Higginson, has opened up about a rather tough past experience.   

“'Getting Better’ was me tying a bow on a dark period of my life,” says Higginson. “A particularly long and intense panic attack had landed me in the hospital. Every attack at the time felt like a failure, as if it were erasing any hard-earned progress on a long journey to betterment. I noted the impact of that night on the people around me - we all felt defeated. I felt ashamed.” 

The young vocalist added, “The song catalogues that period and its aftermath, the breakdown of a relationship. It helped me to explore the roots of my feelings at the time and work towards accepting the outcome was for the best of everyone involved.”

To check out Waxflower’s new emotionally-charged song as well as its accompanying music video, be sure to see below. Afterward, to stream the track, head here.