Noise Exclusive: Hear Vespera Speak Out For Self-Worth With Aggressive New Single “Gossamer”


Trigger Warning: Beware, this video contains graphic scenes of domestic abuse.

Finding the courage to advocate for yourself in a toxic relationship is never easy. Hoping to provide some words of strength and support is Seattle-born, LA-based band Vespera.   

Teaming up with The Noise to debut their striking single “Gossamer,” the progressive metalcore act is ready to give a voice to those who desperately need it.  

“Standing up for ourselves can be an incredibly challenging but a necessary act of defiance,” says vocalist/guitarist Casval Wolfe. “All too often we surround ourselves with people who do not care for our well being. We surround ourselves with people who try to put us down. People who attempt to rob us of our self worth. ‘Gossamer’ recounts a personal experience in confronting an abusive personality.”

As for the band’s shocking, eye-opening video, Wolfe adds, “The video for ‘Gossamer’ was the brainchild of our wonderful director and friend Jon Vulpine. He felt a unique connection with the song and conceived a dramatic and dark concept for the video. We then brought the concept to life at a remote cabin in Washington state.”

To check out the new song and video from Vespera, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.