New Years Day Return With Ruthless 'Fight Song’ “Come For Me”

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming album Unbreakable due out April 26th, New Years Day has just debuted, as frontwoman Ash Costello puts it, their heavier version of “Hollaback Girl” titled “Come For Me.”

“‘Come For Me’ is my fight song,” says Costello. “It’s my call to rally everyone who wants to get together and stand against anyone and everyone who’s got something to say to us. We live our lives online so much now. That invited anyone who’s got a negative opinion into our worlds. I got to a point where I just felt that I wanted to turn it into a fun time, a fun song.”

Costello went on to add, “[‘Come For Me’ is] the NYD version of ‘Hollaback Girl’… just A LOT heavier. It’s also the first song we wrote for the album AND the first song that I got to have 100% say in exactly what I wanted, how I wanted it to sound, what I wanted the song to do and what I wanted to say. No more metaphors. If you don’t like me then say it to my face and not behind a screen. I’ll guest list you.”

To check out New Years Day’s ruthless In This Moment-like track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Unbreakable and grab tickets to see New Years Day out on Falling In Reverse’s Noise Presents headliner here