Make Them Suffer Share New ‘Fucked Up Love Song’ “Drown With Me”


Continuing to build hype for their forthcoming album How To Survive A Funeral, Australian metalcore act Make Them Suffer has just released their second new single.

Titled “Drown With Me,” the band’s hard-hitting follow-up to their previously released track “Erase Me” is an emotional look into the true meaning of love. 

“‘Drown With Me’ is just a really fucked up love song,” the band bluntly explains. “Love can be beautiful, but also dark and terrifying. The lyrics ‘Take my hand, don’t be scared, drown with me if you can’ beckons the listener to take the plunge into the unknown.”

To check out the punishing new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order How To Survive A Funeral before it hits stores later this year.