Iwrestledabearonce’s Courtney LaPlante and Michael Stringer Reveal New Band Spiritbox, Debut New Single “The Beauty Of Suffering”

After releasing their punishing LP Hail Mary back in 2015 and touring in support of the record, Iwrestledabearonce and their respective members have been relatively quiet since. That is, until today as the now-husband-and-wife duo of vocalist Courtney LaPlante and guitarist Michael Stringer have just announced their newest project Spiritbox. 

Debuting their infectious and hard-hitting track “The Beauty Of Suffering” from their forthcoming self-titled EP, LaPlante and Stringer are showing off a much more serious side to their songwriting.      

“Personally, this record is really important for me because I finally was able to sing a lot,” shares LaPlante. “For Michael and me, it is our first collaborative effort since getting married and we wanted every song to reflect our commitment to structure and lyrical emotion, yet still maintain a distinct vibrancy and sound. The first four songs are one long piece meant to be listened to together. They are called ‘The Mara Effect.’”

Adding his thoughts on the new project, Stringer says “We just wanted to focus on the material and show our talents as seasoned professionals, but at the same time reflect what lies ahead, within a young and fresh vibe, not something from grizzly old jaded musicians.”

To check out your first glimpse of Spiritbox, be sure to see below. For more from the band, head here.