It’s Time To Stream NOFX’s Pit-Inducing, Misery-Filled LP ‘First Ditch Effort’


When any band reaches the point of releasing their 13th album, it could very easily turn into writing and recording the same record people have heard for years – especially when it comes to punk rock where core fans can easily become enemies once a band attempts anything “different.” However, for NOFX and their new LP First Ditch Effort, it’s clear the iconic outfit still has plenty of shit to say in their own unique way. 

“How I made this record different is it’s so personal,” frontman extraordinaire Fat Mike told us in a previous sit-down interview. “I had a really tough time, especially the Tony Sly song. The song is called ‘I’m So Sorry Tony’ and it’s about him but it’s also about how I let him down because I could have been a better friend. And, you know, our kids are best friends and his death makes me look at my life differently ‘cause I can’t do that to my kid. But I still drink and I still do drugs – not like I used to – but as you can see this record to me is a heartbreaking record. So yeah, I’m proud of it.”

Another way NOFX’s latest album is unlike anything they’ve released before? How about overall preparation and the willingness to say some of the toughest things they have ever written. “This is the most prepared I’ve ever been for a record,” says Mike. “We wrote 20 songs originally and we’re down to 12 now. And you know, after you’ve been around 20 years, you gotta try and do something that will make people pay attention. So just like [Hepatitis Bathtub And Other Stories], what I did on this record is I say things that our producer was like, ‘I’m so surprised that you’re actually going to sing that on a record.’ Lyrically, I’ve never come close to this record. I don’t know how catchy it is or whatever, but this record hurts me.”

So, with that all said, if you’re prepared to feel things you may have never felt before from a NOFX record, be sure to stream their brand new album First Ditch Effort below. Afterwards, pre-orders are still available before the October 7 street date and can be found here.  

[via Consequence Of Sound]