Hear Fat Mike Open Up About His Identity With NOFX’s Expressive New Single “Fuck Euphemism”

How does one of punk rock’s most iconic acts follow up their remake of a classic fan-favorite? Well, how about releasing one of their most honest singles yet. 

Today, looking to top last month’s redo of “Linoleum” with Avenged Sevenfold – yes Avenged Sevenfold – NOFX’s has debuted their candid new track “Fuck Euphemism” all about Fat Mike’s identity and sexuality. 

Opening up about how he identifies as queer and a submissive crossdressing male, NOFX’s latest song explores a whole new lyrical territory for the beloved 38-year-old band.

To check out the new track taken from NOFX’s upcoming LP Single Album due out February 26th, be sure to see below. Afterward, make sure to grab a pre-order here