In Hearts Wake Return With New Pissed Off Single “Worldwide Suicide”

After some time away following the release of their powerful 2017 album Ark, Australian metalcore outfit In Hearts Wake has returned with some punishing new music.

Coming in the form of their pissed off lead single “Worldwide Suicide,” In Hearts Wake are ready to make a statement here in 2020. 

Detailing their intense new song and video, the band commented:

“During our time recording, the bushfires broke out back home in Australia. We felt helpless as we watched the crisis unfold from abroad. Lives were lost & over 1 billion animals died. Feelings of frustration & sadness. All we could do was pour ourselves into music.

This clip is not for the faint of heart, but it is also not our intent for it to be perceived as a message of doomsday. Instead, it is a recognition of what we now face & must overcome, both as individuals & as a collective.

For every 1,000 views of our video, In Hearts Wake will plant 1 native tree to support the Earth. This will take place next spring on the east coast of Australia. Restoring this ecosystem will help sequester carbon, produce oxygen, & provide habitat for wildlife.

Humanity is totally dependent on the Earth & its inter-dependent ecosystems for survival. So to harm any part of it, is to harm ourselves. These are challenging times, but together we can rise above by taking action. Create & share awareness: Ecocide is Suicide.”

To check out In Hearts Wake’s new eye-opening song and video, be sure to look below.