If You Don't Know, Now You Know: SycAmour

With us being huge music nerds, it’s pretty rare for a young up-and-coming band to come around and completely sweep us off our feet. After a certain point of listening to new album after new album, we started to feel like we heard it all. Well, that was before we heard “We’re in Hell” by SycAmour.

Meshing elements of metalcore and pop, SycAmour is a bit of a perplexity. Listening to them, you don’t know whether you want to sing along, mosh or both. Delivering some of the heaviest breakdowns that any metalcore fan can admire, SycAmour also offers some of the catchiest pop-like choruses around. At first glance, attempting to label this act as some equation of pop plus metalcore – popcore maybe? – doesn’t quite give this band the justice they deserve. They are more than a measly combination of two generic genres. Imagine if superstar frontman Brandon Urie from Panic! at the Disco joined forces with the guys from Crown the Empire. How would you describe that? PopRock-core? Corepop?

How about we just give up on trying to create a genre and give credit where credit is due. With their matchless musical approach, SycAmour may very well be the lifeline that the copycat metalcore scene so desperately needs. By stepping out and trying something new, SycAmour is showing fans – and other artists, as well — that there is more to being a “heavy” band than just a few breakdowns. By incorporating a plethora of influences from mainstream pop to jazz to, of course, metalcore, ScyAmour is breaking down the mold of your typical metalcore act one track at a time.