5 Albums We’re Most Thankful For in 2014


Oh, Thanksgiving. What a fun, family-filled day of feasting, football and ferocious headbanging. Yeah that’s right, we said headbanging. What, you don’t headbang on Thanksgiving? You should really give it a try. It’s definitely the best way to break the ice at awkward family dinners. Don’t worry, we’re sure your Great Grandma Margie is going to love it.

Anyways, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to compile a list of the records we are the most thankful for in 2014. Now, just like your aunt’s jiggly fruit salad or your cousin’s extra-green greenbean casserole, these albums may not be your favorite. But dammit, this year you’re going to be respectful and at least put it on your plate or else you’re grounded. Do you understand?

Now, like the good children you are, be sure to have an open mind and check out the list below. Afterwards, find us on Twitter @thenoise and let us know which albums you’ll be having seconds of.           

’68 – In Humor and Sadness


With the recent release of Forget Not, a documentary following The Chariot around on their final tour, it really hit us hard how much we love Josh Scogin. So, to have him still creating music — now under the moniker of ’68 — you can bet your sweet and tender turkey leftovers we included him and drummer Michael McClellan on our list. In Humor and Sadness, if you haven’t heard it yet, is a loud and distorted combination of The Chariot, The White Stripes and Nirvana. Yeah, so unless you’re a brainless fool, we highly recommend you check out this album.          

Various Artists– Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6


Now, this one’s a gimme. Like an extra scoop of whipped cream added to your pumpkin pie, there’s no way we could say no to Fearless Records’ Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6. Although, a few covers may have fallen a little short (Upon a Burning Body, Oceans Ate Alaska, Set It Off), there were plenty of others that definitely helped save this record (Knuckle Puck, Volumes, Slaves, Palisades). All in all, we think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re very thankful for any cover compilation that crosses our path.   

Slaves – Through Art We Are All Equals


Similar to our feelings for ’68 frontman Josh Scogin, Jonny Craig is also up there in the category of “We’re Just Happy They’re Still Making Music.” Now with his new band Slaves, Craig had his thumbprint – and by thumbprint we mean beautifully boisterous and melodic vocals – all over their debut album, Through Art We Are All Equals. Tracks like “The Fire Down Below,” “This Is You Throwing in the Towel,” “My Soul Is Empty and Full of White Girls” and “The Upgrade Pt II” are all prime examples of why we are fans of anything Craig is a part of.      

Beartooth – Disgusting


It’s no surprise that we here at the Noise love Beartooth. Because really, why wouldn’t we? They’re loud, they’re fast-paced and they’re fronted by former Attack! Attack! vocalist, Caleb Shomo. So what’s not to love? Their debut album Disgusting, which features a bevy of memorable head-jarring breakdowns, is the perfect balance of heavy hardcore beats pooled with softer sing-a-long choruses.

SycAmour  Indulgence: A Saga of Lights


Like that wave of sleepiness that always hits you about two hours after your Thanksgiving dinner, this album by SycAmour totally snuck up on us. Having never heard of these gents before this year, we were completely blown away the first time we heard their dramatic Panic! at the Disco meets Crown the Empire sound. After watching their eerie black and white music video for “We’re in Hell,” we knew right away these guys we’re going to be something we’d be listening to for quite some time. Their latest album, Indulgence: A Saga of Lights, confirmed just that.