ICYMI: CJ McMahon Is Officially Back In Thy Art Is Murder


After an interesting past few months for Thy Art Is Murder and vocalist turned ex-vocalist CJ McMahon, it has finally been confirmed that the Australia deathcore act will indeed reunite with the outspoken frontman.

According to UK band merch and streetwear store Impericon, the company tweeted that McMahon is back and that he will be performing at Impericon’s festival coming later this year.

In addition to the now-deleted tweet, Thy Art Is Murder’s fill-in vocalist Lochlan Watt shared an image of McMahon stepping in at last week’s Unify Fest in Australia. In the post, Watt said: “[CJ] is back where he belongs. I am so fucking happy for him and my boys right now. This is truly incredible to witness. Power and then some.”

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Then, as if that wasn’t proof enough, McMahon took to the mic and said, “I was a drug addict, I was a broke musician, and I had some fucking issues… I got married, I did some fucking soul searching, and now I’m back to take over the world with my fucking brothers." 

He continued to add, "In the celebration that is me coming back to join my brothers in world domination, I need you guys to have some fun with us.”

Yeah, so we don’t know about you but it looks like CJ is officially back. Time to celebrate and listen to Holy War on repeat until our ears bleed. For further proof of CJ’s reunion, see the video below.