I Turn My Camera On with Norma Jean

Cory Brandan has been a staple in the hardcore/metalcore scene for years now. Since taking over the vocal duties from former frontman Josh Scogin, Norma Jean has progressed to release five hard-hitting, face-melting full-length records that have without a doubt influenced countless amounts of artists. So, when we got the opportunity to not only meet Cory but also ask him a few questions, we took it.

In our quick hangout session above, we were able to chat about what it’s been like for Norma Jean over the past ten years with Cory at the helm (Yes, we did say ten years. Impressive, we know). Also, we were able to get some gnarly GoPro footage from Norma Jean guitarist, Jeff Hickey.     

That said, be sure to check out the video above and also make sure to pick up Norma Jean’s 2013 release, Wrongdoers.