HOLY SHIT: Crossfaith Debut Insane Mortal Kombat-Like Track “The Perfect Nightmare”

Well holy shit, welcome to the future boys and girls. Putting together something that sounds like it’s from 3018, Japenese electo-metalcore act Crossfaith have just blown all of us away here at The Noise with the release of their jaw-dropping track “The Perfect Nightmare.”

Taken from their forthcoming soon-to-be-announced full-length album, “The Perfect Nightmare,” if we’re being honest, sounds like Mortal Kombat meets, well, Satan. No joke! Even frontman Kenta Koie agrees that this is easily the band’s heaviest song yet.  

“Welcome to our new chapter!” says Koie. “It’s one of the heaviest tracks we’ve ever made. This song got full of chaos and brutality so we wanted to make this video with sickness and strangeness too. Watch this and let you have a huge expectation for upcoming album! See you soon!“

To check out one of our new heavy go-tos for the rest of 2018, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here