Here’s Video of Code Orange And Incendiary’s Brendan Garrone Performing At A WWE NXT Event

If you’ve ever been to a Code Orange show then you’re probably well aware that the band is, well, pretty fuckin’ intimidating. And, if you’ve ever watched one second of professional wrestling, you probably know that intimidation is one of the most important factors for a successful wrestler (along with a few other things, of course). 

So, what do you get when you mix an up-and-coming wrestler like Aleister Black with Code Orange’s insane intimidation factor? Well, probably one of the most intimidating intros in WWE history. Let us explain.

Over the weekend, along with being featured as the official theme song for WWE NXT (which for those unaware, is the development division of the WWE), Code Orange was also asked to be the first-ever band to perform live at the event. Accepting the offer and performing their track “Bleeding In The Blur,” the Roadrunner Records signees also stuck around to perform Black’s intro “Root Of All Evil” alongside Incendiary’s Brendan Garrone resulting in one of the most intense and badass intros in WWE history.

To check out the band’s performance, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to purchase Code Orange’s heart-stopping release Forever, head here.