Here’s A Powerful Mini-Documentary About The Story Of Former Of Mice & Men Vocalist Austin Carlile

Warning: This is some pretty heavy stuff. Be ready for a flood of emotions coming your way.

If you’ve been a fan of Of Mice & Men for a while now, you’re probably pretty familiar with the story of Austin Carlile. After years of struggling with self-medication to combat his rare genetic disorder known as Marfan syndrome, the beloved vocalist and founding member eventually decided to step away from the band to focus on his health and his newly refound faith.

Now, two years since leaving Of Mice & Men, the former frontman has teamed up with the faith-based organization I Am Second to detail his unbelievable story even more as he discusses the passing of his mother at an early age to being healed by missionaries in Costa Rica.  

To check out the incredibly moving and powerful mini-documentary, be sure to look below. For more from Carlile, head here.