Of Mice & Men Share Second New Austin Carlile-Less Track “Back To Me,” Announce New 7-Inch

Just about a month after showing off their newfound sound minus former lead singer Austin Carlile via their smashing new single “Unbreakable,” metalcore heavyweights Of Mice & Men are back yet again with another new track. 

Titled as “Back To Me,” contrary to “Unbreakable,” the band’s new single is a little more rock-leaning with zero unclean vocals.       

“’With “Back To Me,’” says bassist/new full-time vocalist Aaron Pauley, “we worked with a guy named Stevie Aiello. He plays in Thirty Seconds To Mars and does songwriting and producing. We were getting together with random creative people - we’re a very collaborative band…We love working with different producers and different writers, just to bounce ideas off of. Somebody who can kind of be somebody in the room who’s not necessarily on the inside looking out but who’s on the outside looking in.

And that song, we rented an Airbnb in L.A. and we got together and started jamming. Alan [Ashby, guitarist] came up with guitar riffs… almost immediately once that was out, the vocal melodies just poured out. I want to say that I toiled over them, but I didn’t. It went from humming a melody to ‘Let’s write some words down, let’s figure out what we really want to say.’” 

Pauley continued to add, “It was cool because at the same time, Stevie was there like, ‘Cool, this is awesome.’ It wasn’t one of those writing scenarios where people think it’s like ‘No that’s not good, we need to say this.’  He was literally there to be the barometer for excitement because for us, that was the big thing. If there’s five people in a room and you come up with an idea and five people get excited, well then it’s cool! And if maybe only two or three like it, then maybe it’s not so cool. And if everybody’s just like ‘Yeah, that’s good,’ then it’s just not that exciting. It was such a fun, cool, creative process. I think we did that song in like a day.”

Both “Back To Me” and “Unbreakable” are taken from the band’s upcoming 7-inch release which will be available in late June. For pre-orders, head here. To check out “Back To Me,” see below.

[via Billboard]