Hear Your New Favorite Band Safe To Say Chill Things Out With Their New Single “Tangerine” (Noise Exclusive)


Photo by: Wyatt Clough

Gearing up for their first ever summer out on the Vans Warped Tour, Ontario pop-punk newcomers Safe To Say has teamed up with The Noise to premiere their brand new track “Tangerine.”

Taken from their forthcoming full-length Down In The Dark – which hits stores July 22 via SideOneDummy Records – “Tangerine” is a soft-sounding single that floats through your ears with a calming gracefulness and ease a la Title Fight’s “Murder Your Memory” or Brand New’s “Jesus Christ.” While previous Safe To Say songs hit with a much higher energy (like “Bracelets” or the recently released “Your Favourite Dream”), “Tangerine” instead eases off the accelerator to take your mind to different levels of chill you may have never experienced with this band before. And according to singer/guitarist Brad Garcia, that was pretty much the goal.           

“This was one of the first songs we wrote for Down In The Dark,” Garcia explained. “Cory [Bergeron, guitarist] wrote the main riff and we were instantly in love with it. ‘Tangerine’ was so different than anything we had ever written but it still really felt like a Safe To Say song when everything was said and done. Our sessions cellist, Raphael Weinroth-Browne, was incredible to work with. He really gave the song that little bit of something to take it to a whole new level.”

In regards to what the song represents lyrically, Garcia describes it as, “More or less about learning to let go of something in order to grow, taking the best out of the worst situations even if that means leaving what you love behind.” 

The young vocalist continued to add, “It’s easy to fall into a pattern of holding onto people or places or memories that may have a really strong emotional connection to you. But you don’t always realize that sometimes the more you refuse to adapt, the more you’ll find yourself stuck in a dark place. I do think it’s a sad song but with an optimistic view of growing up or trying to find a means to do so.”

To check out the new track, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pre-order Down In The Dark but also grab tickets to see Safe To Say out at the Vans Warped Tour here