Hear Waterparks Bare It All With Heartwrenching Track “High Definition”

Continuing to churn out fantastic single after single after single in preparation of their upcoming record FANDOM, Waterparks has just released, according to the band, “one of the most important [songs] on the album.” 

Following the release of “Turbulent,” “Watch What Happens Next,” “Dream Boy” and “[Reboot],” today Awsten Knight and company have shared their heartbreaking track “High Definition.”

Coming in as one of Knight’s favorite things he’s ever written, “High Definition” is an emotional love story that doesn’t quite end as some would expect.    

To check out the new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order FANDOM before it hits stores October 11th and grab tickets to see Waterparks’ Noise Presented headliner with Yung Pich and Kitten here.