Hear Thy Art Is Murder Completely Annihilate Listeners With Ridiculously Heavy Single “Slaves Beyond Death”

Just in case you were looking to have your entire body obliterated into bits and pieces via the power of sound, Aussie deathcore outfit Thy Art Is Murder has just premiered their ridiculously heavy single “Slaves Beyond Death” from their forthcoming album Dear Desolation.

Speaking about the band’s upcoming release – which is due out August 18th via Nuclear Blast and was produced by Will Putney – newly reunited vocalist CJ McMahon says this record will without a doubt be one of the band’s best.    

“I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt going into a record,” says McMahon. “Coming back to the fold of our band has reinvigorated me. I missed my brothers, touring and of course all our dedicated fans around the world who have always given us their all. This new record is going to shape our future; we gave it everything we could and then some. In the past, I was the weakest link and now that I have re-built myself, we are stronger than ever and nothing can stand in our way.”

To check out Thy Art Is Murder’s new bloodbath of a single proving everything McMahon had to say, be sure to see below. Afterwards, album pre-orders are available now and can be found here.