Hear Taking Back Sunday Return To Their Roots With New Single “Death Wolf”


After potentially scaring a few fans off with their two previously released americana-like singles “Tidal Wave” and “You Can’t Look Back,” longtime scene staples Taking Back Sunday have returned with a new lyric video for their very Where You Want To Be-friendly track “Death Wolf.”

Beginning with a bit of a slow build up similar to the start of Happiness Is (aka “Preface”), “Death Wolf” quickly kicks into gear with a heavy riff, punchy punk-ish drums and continues with a large sweeping chorus – you know, just like the classic Taking Back Sunday sound you’ve grown to love over the past 15-plus years. 

Interesting enough, the lyric video for “Death Wolf” – which we’ll dive deeper into in just a second – is pretty minimal. Instead of a high-tech animated clip, the band instead chose to feature frontman Adam Lazzara and guitarist John Nolan sharing a beer and a sandwich. Yes, you read that right; a beer and a sandwich.

Now, that leads us to our next point. While the video is incredible and hilariously simple, it does makes us wonder if the first couple americana tracks were a bit of a facade. Of course, the two songs will be on the record, but what if the band knew all along that “Death Wolf” would be the track to re-remind listeners that Taking Back Sunday knows exactly what they’re doing musically and the video is a bit of a nod like, “Hey, we know some of you may have felt differently about the first two songs but this is a good one and we know you’re going to like it. So… here’s Adam and John eating a sandwich.” 

Obviously, this could be a bit of a stretch on our end being that we haven’t heard the full album yet. Guess we’ll find out on Friday just like everybody else! Until then, hear “Death Wolf” below and pre-order Tidal Wave before it hits stores here.