Hear Scary Kids Scaring Kids Members Reunite To Honor Late Vocalist Tyson Stevens

On what would be his 34th birthday, almost five years after passing away, Arizona post-hardcore outfit Scary Kids Scaring Kids have reunited to pay tribute to former frontman Tyson Stevens. 

Regrouping for the first time since 2010, a few remaining Scary Kids Scaring Kids members have come together to write a brand new track entitled “Loved Forever.” 

Speaking about the touching tribute to Stevens, guitarist Chad Crawford said, “The sudden passing of our friend Tyson Stevens left us all with heavy hearts heard all over the world. It’s unbelievable that it has been five years and for many still a distant reality. Today would have been our friend Tyson’s 34th birthday. His memory is still very alive and well in the songs that changed our lives. You will be loved forever.”

To check out Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ emotional new single, be sure to look below.