Hear Rotting Out Give A Big Fuck You With Aggressive New Single “Stones”

Inching closer and closer to the release of their first new full-length album in nearly seven years, today hardcore punk outfit Rotting Out has debuted their third new single “Stones.”

Explaining the new track which serves as a big middle finger to fake people and their “cool swag ghetto child” vibes, frontman Walter Delgado says, “‘Stones’ is a very aggressive and angry song. I started going to shows at a very young age, and in the place where I’m from there’s a very ghetto and violent atmosphere. In the projects of Los Angeles, there’s a lot of gang activity, drug use, prostitution, violence, domestic abuse, and child abuse. This is what I was surrounded with. When I got into hardcore, it was cool because it didn’t involve all of that or glorify it.” 

“Then,” Delgado adds, “there was a point where I started to notice that certain bands or certain people in the hardcore scene adopted the style of being from the ghetto. They started glorifying the grim and the dirt - just negative things that shouldn’t be glorified to begin with from ghettos when these people were not from there. […] This isn’t pretty and it’s not meant to be put on a pedestal. It’s just a matter of the situation, and people are born into this situation unwillingly. It’s a big fuck you to everyone who tried to adopt this ‘cool swag ghetto child’ vibe when they themselves are from suburbia.”

To check out Rotting Out’s new pissed off track, be sure to see below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Ronin before it hits stores April 10th via Pure Noise Records.