Hear Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall And Hardcore Vets The Warriors Team Up For “The Painful Truth”

Gearing up to release their first full-length album since 2011′s See How You Are, seasoned hardcore act The Warriors have just dropped their new punishing Monomyth single “The Painful Truth” featuring Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall. 

Giving some insight into the hard-hitting track, the band shared, “‘The Painful Truth’ was the first song written and recorded for Monomyth. We wanted to throw all convention out the window and push the boundaries of our creativity in every respect, while still honoring the ‘old’ Warriors sound. In a sense, this song was the foundation upon which the rest of the album was built.”

The band went on to add, “In this early stage of the writing process, we had every intention of recording and releasing this music ourselves, free of any external influence or expectations. We’re so grateful that Pure Noise ultimately raised their hand to help us with this release. They gave us all the freedom we needed to make this happen.”

Lastly, the SoCal noisemakers said, “Lyrically, [‘The Painful Truth’] addresses the need to burn our egos to the ground and to rise up with a full heart—to unshackle ourselves and to have the courage to fulfill our dreams. Climb that mountain, read that book, write that song, reconnect. Exercise patience, compassion, civility and love. Ultimately, it comes down to the old aphorism, ‘Know Thyself.’ Reject the ‘beautiful lie.’ Suffer the ‘painful truth’ in order to make personal transformation. Never forget how powerful you really are.”

To check out the heavy new track and accompanying video shot out in the California desert, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Monomyth before it hits stores this Friday via Pure Noise Records.

via Kerrang