10 Best Songs To Mosh To As Picked By The White Noise


With just a couple listens to their debut EP Aren’t You Glad?, and after also having our faces and eardrums completely obliterated, we felt it was our due diligence to dive in and understand what it is that makes newly signed Fearless Records act The White Noise tick. 

And by tick, we simply mean we wanted to know what kind of chaotic and unruly music the five Los Angeles natives have to listen to help create something like their fast-paced, pissed off track “Bloom” or their slobberknocker of a single “Red Eye Lids.” 

After much consideration and searching through their large array of influences, Shawn Walker, David Southern, Josh Strock, Bailey Crego and Tommy West complied what might be the ultimate mosh playlist with their 10 Best Songs To Mosh To.

To see if your favorite pit-friendly track made the list, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pick up a copy of Aren’t You Glad? but also grab a pair of tickets to see The White Noise on tour alongside I See Stars and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk here.            

1) Refused - “New Noise”

2) Converge - “Concubine”

3) Have Heart - “The Machinist”

4) The Warriors - “Slings and Arrows”

5) This Is Hell - “The Polygraph Cheaters”

6) The Banner - “Venom & Hope”

7) The Suicide File - “Rum, Romanism and Tammany”

8) Give Up The Ghost - “Love American”

9) The Hope Conspiracy - “Animal Farm”

10) Converge - “The Saddest Day”