Hear Blink-182 Go Back To Their Roots With Classic Pop-Punk Track “Parking Lot”

Talk about going old school! For anybody who may have felt Blink-182′s comeback record California was a bit too new for their liking, the pop-punk icons have just shared a brand new track from their forthcoming deluxe album which hints at the old days of both Blink and Alkaline Trio – because, you know, Matt Skiba is in the band now. 

Kicking off with some heavy guitar chugs and fast-paced punk beats from Travis Barker, Blink’s new track sounds more like something you might expect from a band signed to Pure Noise Records gearing up for their first-ever Warped Tour – which is absolutely an extraordinary compliment in this case. Taking things back to the days of Dude Ranch and Buddah, the only thing missing from “Parking Lot” to really make it feel nostalgic is a few choice inappropriate lyrics. But hey, we’ll take it!

As mentioned before, Blink’s new track is taken off their forthcoming deluxe version of California which will be available May 19th and will feature 10 new songs, the rarity “Hey I’m Sorry” and an acoustic version of “Bored to Death.” To check out the track listing as well as Blink’s new single, be sure to look below. Afterwards, album pre-orders can be found here.            

California deluxe track listing:

1. Parking Lot
2. Misery
3. Good Old Days
4. Don’t Mean Anything
5. Hey I’m Sorry
6. Last Train Home
7. Wildfire
8. 6/8
9. Long Lost Feeling
10. Bottom of the Ocean
11. Can’t Get You More Pregnant
12. Bored to Death (Acoustic)