Hear Bearings Explore Their Synth Side With Two New Singles “So Damn Wrong” and “I Feel It All”


To help celebrate the start of their North American tour with Grayscale, Belmont and Rich People, emerging Canadian outfit Bearings have just released not one but TWO new singles.

Slightly shying away from the infectious pop-punk sound as heard on their debut LP Blue In The Dark, for their two new tracks “So Damn Wrong” and “I Feel It All,” the Pure Noise signees can be heard dipping their toes into the world of synth-pop.

Talking about their new music, vocalist Dougie Cousins says, “Some songs happen so naturally it’s together and formed before you really have a chance to think about it, sometimes life can be the same way. We’re so excited we were able to piece these together and get them out for our fans and ourselves before setting off on our first US tour in a good while. I’m so incredibly proud of these songs - they’re an accidentally on purpose stumble into a sound that we love.

As for their new Dan Cicco-directed video for “So Damn Wrong,” surprisingly Cousins claims it was influenced by 90′s rap act Souls Of Mischief. 

“‘So Damn Wrong’ was kind of intended to be a tongue and cheek take on one of my favorite videos [for] ‘93 ‘til infinity.’ It’s funny how some songs just come together. A solid change of surroundings helped focus on getting the sounds and words we felt we were right.“

To check out both of Bearings’ new tracks, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see the band out on tour here.