Grayscale Debut Heartbreaking Music Video For “Forever Yours”

Well, shit. Just when you thought you might have had enough strength to pull yourself through this miserable Monday, pop-punk newcomers Grayscale have just dropped a heartbreaking new music video that may or may not just send you right back to bed for a good ol’ fashion crying session.

Off their Fearless Records debut Adornment, the Philly five-piece have just debuted their new music video for “Forever Yours” which centers around the mournful tale of vocalist Collin Walsh.       

“'Forever Yours’ is a song about regret,“ Walsh explains. "It’s a song about a relationship falling apart without having a chance to gain closure due to unfortunate circumstances." 

To check out the grim new music video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, to pick up a copy of Adornment, head here

[via Billboard]