Grab An Ice Cold Beer And Enjoy Dune Rats’ Stellar New Album ‘Hurry Up And Wait’


Way to go, everyone. You did it. You have successfully made it through yet another tiresome work week and it is now time to let loose.

Thanks to our new Australian friends in Dune Rats, we have the absolute best celebration idea for you all – get totally shitfaced and jam out to the band’s bodacious new record Hurry Up And Wait.

See, knowing that Aussie three-piece have quite the palate for adult beverages, we thought it’d be fun to have them pair all their sensational new songs with eleven equally delightful drinks.  

For example, when listening to an upbeat track like “Stupid Is As Stupid Does” featuring K. Flay, brew connoisseurs Danny Beus, Brett Jansch and BC Michaels suggest a nice six-pack of Stella Artois tall cans. As for a slower, more mellow song like “No Plans,” the band recommends a hardy 30 case of Castlemaine XXXX Gold.  

To check out what else the multi-talented trio picked for tracks like “If My Bong Could Talk,” “Bad Habits” and more, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to stream Hurry Up And Wait here


“BOBBY D” - A schooner of TOOHEYS NEW (Australian Lager) on the house

A shout of a round of any beer from anyone ever is instant legend status and ya always gotta raise a glass and say cheers and thanks to the people who support ya. An ode to beer this song might even be!


It’s a true drop for a hard-earned thrust and I reckon anyone whoever has gone for just one beer at the pub with a Rubber Arm in there hanging out of their shirt has made it a VB and then minutes later had their face break out in cocaine.

“NO PLANS” -  30 blocks of CASTLEMAINE XXXX GOLD (Australian Lager)

Park up at any joint and sit on a box of these if ya got nothing to do and see what seagulls drop in for a taste of the best beer you can drink all day and still do long division by the end of it.

“ROCK BOTTOM” - IPA Craft Beer

Picture this, it’s past 7am and your still up from the night before. No beers in the fridge cos you forgot to load it up with that six-pack of craft IPA your uncle gave you last Easter. You know you’re gonna have a sip of that warm terrible wet sock drink and your gonna finish all six… rock botttttom.

“CRAZY” - TOOHEYS EXTRA DRY PLATINUM (Australian Dry Style Lager)

Bad enough that its extra day, slangily known down the road as teddys, these platinum suckers are like 8% and I can only remember seeing them when I was underage drinking. 2 and I was spewing.

“PATIENCE” - GUINNESS (Irish Dry Stout)

Like all good things, patience is the time it takes for something to get better.  Dunno if this song does but I walked past a pub where they had pre-half-poured Guinness ready to be topped up on the bar. Skip the waiting!

“BAD HABITS” - PBR (American Lager)

Corner shop piss at its finest. Maybe it’s the way they make it taste better than water. So much so that you could run a marathon and drink it every few miles until you come to and realize you’re trying to hitchhike to the nearest taco truck.


I remember the first time we got over to the UK and went into an off-license and they have those huge tall cans in a six-pack. BC would be like, “Fuck, I’ll gun one of these bad boys” and without even umming or ahhhinng Danny and I had done the same. Follow the leader I guess.

“IF MY BONG COULD TALK” - PERONI (Italian Pale Lager)

They’re quick-lived little buggers ay. Go down in a flash then probably end up talking your mate’s ear off. Straight off the wagon with these ones.

“THE SKIDS” - MODELO (Mexican Pilsner)

What a nectar! If the world was all going to shit I’d be happily sittin’ on a beach in Mexico sipping back these till the very end. 


Ironically, it represents Australia and its beer over the pond without most people in Australia ever even tasting it. It’s just that good… or in comparison to the warm beers in the UK, it’s better than anything else. Haha good on ya Aussie!