Get Your Sax Solo On (No, Really) With Angel Du$t’s Killer New Single “Stranger Things”


Continuing to build hype for their new album Rock The Fuck On Forever, emerging hardcore supergroup Angel Du$t (Trapped Under Ice/Turnstile) has just blown the lid off whatever expectations listeners had for their forthcoming album with their new track “Stranger Things.” 

Blowing minds with one simple instrument, a saxophone, “Stranger Things” proves Angel Du$t is pretty much willing to do whatever they want when it comes to their upcoming release. Whether it’s a saxophone solo or a kickass animated video, it’s no surprise Angel Du$t has become one of the most talked about bands in the hardcore community for the past few months.         

To hear the band’s jazzy new single, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Rock The Fuck On Forever can be found here.