Get Ready To Smash Everything In Sight After Watching END’s New Video For “Necessary Death”


Continuing to ride the wave of their killer debut EP From The Unforgiving Arms Of God, aka one of our 12 most underrated albums of the year, newly formed supergroup END has just debuted their brand new music video for “Necessary Death.”

Proceeding where they left off with their previous clip for “Love Let Me Die,” END’s new video sees the band performing their asses off in an abandoned warehouse (which yes, we know has been done a million times but when the performance is set to a song like this, END could be playing in a damn bouncy house for all we care and it would still be absolutely incredible – once you watch the video you’ll know exactly what we mean).

To check out the band’s new Bobby Bates directed video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve somehow yet to pick up a copy of From The Unforgiving Arms Of God, make sure to do so here. 

[via Revolver]