Free Throw Debut Totally Serious Yet Totally Fun New Single “Today Is Especially Delicious”


In support of their forthcoming LP What’s Past Is Prologue, alt-emo outfit Free Throw have just released their second new single titled “Today Is Especially Delicious.” 

While the title of the track may give the idea that this is a fun and happy song – especially as it may or may not be referencing the 2006 classic Nacho Libre according to vocalist/guitarist Cory Castro “Today Is Especially Delicious” has a pretty serious message attached to it.      

“’Today Is Especially Delicious’ is a song that represents a turning point in the overall story of the album and also in my life,” explains Castro. “Though a fun and catchy song, it represents a time when I was realizing the consequences that my lifestyle was taking on my everyday life and mental health. It’s a song about the perpetuation of bad habits and the vicious cycles that lead people down the wrong path. Ultimately ending in a moment of realization that I was not well. Even though the song is specific to a certain time in my life, I hope that people will be able to understand the message and relate to it, and hopefully still have fun with the song’s fun and upbeat vibe.”

To check out Free Throw’s follow-up to their killer lead single “The Corner’s Dilemma,” be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order What’s Past Is Prologue before it hits stores March 29th via Triple Crown Records.